Motor Racing has been the independent voice of online motorcycle journalism since 1996. Founder VNVN built a website with the simple vision of sharing his passion for motorcycles and motorcycle racing. An active club racer in the Westminster, California produced racing content and posted motorcycle news on what would today be called, a blog. As the internet boomed, however, Motor Racing blossomed into a full-time occupation and fledgling business. Within a few years Motor Racing expanded by hiring a full-time editorial staff, as well as selling motorcycle gear and accessories to supplement advertising. This latter division of the young website proved immediately successful and evolved into a separate company the leading online retailer of motorcycle gear and accessories.

Motor Racing motorcycle reviews are a critical resource for riders. Our comparison reviews in particular, are industry leading and conducted with the highest standards. Tests include unbiased and critical opinions from our editors and test riders, many of which are professional level racers. Whenever possible, testers gather performance data. Reviews also feature objective data, including runs on our in-house dynamometer to measure power independent of manufacturer claims. We also gather real-world curb weights on our high precision scales. This latter measurement, in particular, has passed benefits along to consumers with more accurate weight listings by manufacturers in promotional material.